NYSERDA Generator Rental and Power Outage Plan

Avoid the daily $1,500 fines: ensure your gas station is compliant with the New York State Generator Law 192-h.


Be prepared for a power emergency and avoid the daily $1,500 fines: contact Weld Power Generator today to put your NYSERDA-approved Power Outage Contingency Plan in place at your gas station.

Your Plan

Weld Power Generator’s Power Outage Contingency Plan is a blueprint that illustrates the general layout of your facility and highlights key information for rental power deployment:

  • Site Survey
  • Generator rentals and/or sales
  • Portable generators
  • Cables
  • Docking stations
NYSERDA Generator Rental
NYSERDA Power Outage Generator Rental

What is the New York State Law 192-h?

Under the new state law, most gas stations in the downstate region located within ½ mile of highway exits or hurricane evacuation routes must have a transfer switch installed and deploy and install a generator within 24 hours of losing power during a fuel supply or energy emergency. In addition, gas stations must have a transfer switch installed at an additional 30% of their stations under the same criteria.

To learn more about the law, click here for the NY Senate legislation, and see the FAQs.

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