The Importance of Winter Contingency Plans

As drastic weather starts to hit New England, it is crucial to make sure your facility has a contingency plan in place in case of a power outage. This plan needs to contain measures for getting communications online as soon as possible and taking extra measures in case of a multi-day outage.

Preparing for the Storm

Prior to the storm, employees should be tracking the weather, monitoring its course and transmitting any messages possible to keep the community informed about the situation. The facility’s generator needs to be tested and have fluid levels checked to ensure that it can act as a main source of power for the duration of the storm, up to several days after it ends. Any additional backup generators need to be tested in case they need to be dispatched around the community, to schools, hospitals or designated shelters, and staffing decisions need to be made ahead of time to make sure there are enough hands on deck for potential emergencies. Before the storm hits, a plan of action should be written out, printed and distributed to each personnel member so everyone knows the proper protocol to follow in case of an emergency.

Putting the Plan Into Action

After the storm hits and an outage occurs, it is crucial to get the generator up and running as soon as possible, both to run the facility and to be able to transmit messages to the public. Since cell phones do not go out in case of a power outage, a number of online outlets to transmit methods to the public have been developed to keep communities aware of road blockages and closures. These systems can also be used to monitor additional outages in the area, and collect notices in case additional generators need to be deployed, including in your own facility. Every moment down counts, especially in an emergency, and if a mishap occurs with your generator, contacting a maintenance company needs to be done that instant.

Generator Maintenance and Repairs in Boston

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