About Weld Power Generator

We are proud to be the Northeast’s leading generator service company for emergency power equipment in high-risk, mission-critical facilities.

Family Owned and Operated

Weld Power was founded in 1951 as a welding supply and industrial gas distributor called Welders Supply of Worcester, Inc. Over the years we evolved into a generator service company as the welding industry in Worcester, MA started to dissipate and move abroad. Weld Power always worked with generators alongside the welding equipment so the company made an early decision to focus our efforts entirely on the generator business unit and hone in on our service offering (in the field and in the office) so that we aimed to be the best generator service company in the region. It was through this endeavor that Weld Power Generator became who it is today. 
About Weld Power Generators
About Weld Power Generators

Best-in-Class Technicians & Support

Weld Power dispatches the most talented technicians and thoroughly maintained emergency rental equipment. We know how important it is to be power prepared so we continuously invest in the power support resources necessary to ensure our clients and potential clients receive an efficient, prepared and successful deployment.

Our hard work has built up a trusting customer base of medical, property management, biopharmaceutical, distribution, universities, manufacturing, nursing homes, retail, water and waste facilities, and more. The office staff understands the complex needs of our critical industries and aims to always provide an elevated experience to our clients. 

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Weld Power Generator is a family-owned business that cares deeply about our clients, our vendors, and employees and is proud to be in business with you alongside us.

We have two locations:  

– 1529 Grafton Road, Millbury, MA

– 3927 Mulvey Avenue, Bronx, NY 10466.  

Call us 24/7 at 800-288-6016 

About Weld Power Generators

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