Generator Services, Repair, & Rentals in Hoboken New Jersey

Hoboken, New Jersey is located directly across the Hudson River from Lower Manhattan and is known as the birthplace of baseball, with the first recorded game taking place within the city in 1846. It has been the home of several industrial headquarters, with the publishing house of John Wiley & Sons maintaining offices in the city. Hoboken is located directly on the waterfront and suffered tremendous damage during Hurricane Sandy in the fall of 2012, with half of the city flooding. 

Since then, a number of measures have been taken to protect the city and its landmarks from extraordinary flooding, including the addition of levees and retention basins. With a population of 50,000, maintaining power at storm shelters, emergency response teams and mission critical facilities is vital. Weld Power Generator is proud to provide emergency generator rentals, preventative maintenance and ATS testing to commercial clients throughout the city of Hoboken and the surrounding area.

About Our Generator Rentals & Maintenance Programs

Since 1962, Weld Power Generator has been providing customers throughout New England and the Tri-State area with emergency and preventative generator maintenance and rentals. Our emergency generator rentals range from 20kW to 2000kW and our technicians can have them delivered and installed at your facility within four hours of your initial service call based on availability and weather conditions. 

If you have a generator on-site that is malfunctioning during a test or a widespread outage, our certified technicians will be able to go to your facility and perform maintenance and repairs as needed before the next storm occurs. We will also be able to put your generator on a maintenance schedule, allowing you the peace of mind of knowing what will need to be repaired and when. Remote monitoring will also alert both you and the team at Weld Power if something goes wrong with your unit and requires an emergency visit.

Preventative Generator Maintenance & Emergency Rentals in Hoboken & Jersey City, NJ

If you are interested in scheduling routine maintenance for your industrial generator or are in need of a rental unit, contact Weld Power Generator today. We can be reached by calling 1.800.288.6016 or by filling out our contact form today and proudly service clients throughout Hoboken, Jersey City, Newark, Union City and Hackensack.

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