ATS Maintenance

Keep your Automatic Transfer Switch in the best possible operating condition.

ATS Maintenance

Keep your Automatic Transfer Switch in the best possible operating condition.

What is an Automatic Transfer Switch?

A Transfer Switch, often referred to as an Electrical ATS, ATS Switch, or Generator ATS, is an electrical switch designed to establish a seamless connection between two distinct power sources. These sources typically consist of the “Normal Source,” which is conventionally the utility power grid, and the “Emergency Source,” which is typically a backup generator. The primary function of a Transfer Switch is to determine the most reliable and available source of power and seamlessly switch between them when necessary.
ATS Maintenance

Why is a Transfer Switch Important?

Transfer Switches are the first line of defense against power disruptions. When a Transfer Switch detects instability or a power outage in the normal source (utility power), it instantaneously triggers a switch to the emergency source (generator). In essence, the Transfer Switch orchestrates the generator’s activation, ensuring a seamless transition of power to the building.

Imagine a scenario where the Transfer Switch fails to function correctly. In such a situation, the building is left vulnerable to power outages without the generator’s timely intervention. Transfer Switches are not just an accessory but a fundamental component of any backup power system.

The Value of ATS Maintenance

Automatic Transfer Switch maintenance is not merely a formality but a proactive measure to safeguard your power system. Neglecting maintenance can lead to costly downtime, compromised safety, and regulatory non-compliance.

Even though a transfer switch and generator work together to provide power to a building during an outage, many inspectors require separate maintenance plans & reporting on the transfer switch itself due to its critical role in providing backup power to a building.

ATS Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions

A transfer switch is an electrical switch that shifts a load between two power sources.

Transfer switches come in manual and automatic varieties. Manual switches require human intervention, while automatic ones switch based on power source conditions.

Neglecting transfer switch maintenance can lead to unnecessary downtime, preventing your standby generator from functioning when needed. Here are 7 reasons to maintain your transfer switch.

A transfer switch maintenance plan typically involves several inspections to ensure a reliable power transfer to your generator.

Yes, it’s a best practice to implement an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) maintenance plan alongside your generator maintenance.

Yes, Weld Power Generator technicians are trained to service all makes and models of transfer switches.

Yes, they offer rental switches and can help with purchasing new equipment if necessary.

The scope of work includes checking AC line voltage, generator line voltage, control wires, relays, exercise clock, and ensuring proper ATS operation. It also involves cleaning and reporting any needed repairs.
A voltage meter is used to verify the correctness of all incoming power, along with an HZ meter to check the frequency.
It includes using a voltage meter to ensure the generator’s incoming power is correct and checking the HZ with adjustments if necessary.
The condition of all control wires and relays is assessed, and testing and adjustments are performed if needed.
The exercise clock is checked for proper operation and adjusted if necessary.

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