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20-100kw generator rental

20 KW - 100 KW
Generator Rental

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100 KW Generator Rental

125 KW - 400 KW
Generator Rental

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500 KW - 900 KW Generator Rental​

500 KW - 900 KW
Generator Rental

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1000 KW - 2000 KW Generator Rental ​

1000 KW - 2000 KW
Generator Rental

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Standby Rental Generator Applications

If your facility relies on a generator for backup emergency power, you understand its critical role in operations. Whether you seek redundancy for your current generator or face unexpected failures or repairs, we have a portable generator solution to ensure your business remains uninterrupted. Weld Power Generator provides suitable-sized rental generators for any duration, ensuring continuous operation of your business during downtime.

24/7 Rental Generator Applications

For projects demanding continuous power, Weld Power Generator offers reliable portable rental generators specifically designed for that application as well. Our meticulously maintained units ensure uninterrupted power, whether your project lasts an hour, a week, or longer. Weld Power Generator has one of the largest fleets of rental generators available for whatever your project needs.

Automatic Transfer Switch Rental

Weld Power Generator also has rental automatic transfer switches available to suit your needs! Ranging from 100amp to 800amps and both 3 and 4 pole, Weld Power Generator is one of the few companies in the Northeast that can provide a solution if/when an issue arises with your current automatic transfer switch.

Weld Power Generator stands out as a leading provider of commercial rental generators in the Northeast. Our portable generators range from 20KW to 2 Megawatts and are ready to meet your emergency power requirements. Our comprehensive rental service includes providing generators of any size and the necessary cabling for seamless integration into your facility. An experienced technician will also be dispatched on-site to ensure smooth connections and operational readiness.

Each of our rental generators undergoes routine maintenance and testing, adhering strictly to NFPA 110 and JHCAO standards. This meticulous approach ensures reliability and readiness for deployment at a moment’s notice, regardless of your location or application. Weld Power Generator is your trusted partner for all backup emergency power needs.

Ready to secure your generator rental or automatic transfer switch rental? Interested in crafting a Power Outage Contingency Plan? Click the “Request a Quote” link below or contact us at Our rental experts are standing by to discuss how Weld Power Generator can assist you.

Generator Rental FAQs

Costs varies depending on size and difficulty of install. We can provide an individual estimate which will include the cost of the rental generator itself, associated cabling needed to tie into the building, delivery as well as the cost to install. Generators are usually priced on a weekly basis, however we do offer discounts for long term rental needs.
Time varies based on factors such as time of day / night and weather conditions, however we strive to have a rental generator onsite within 4 hours of notification of an emergency.

Yes. A licensed electrician will need to be onsite to perform the final connections to the building. You can hire your own electrician, or you can contact our partner, Prime Power Rentals, to assist with a turn-key solution.

All of our rental generators are sent out with a full tank of fuel. If the generator is to be used, it is the customer’s responsibility to coordinate fuel delivery. We can provide the name of a preferred fuel delivery vendor if needed. The fuel level of the rental generator also needs to be returned full to avoid any additional refueling charges.

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