Checks & Service to Perform on Your Generator This Winter

With freezing temperatures in the forecast and snow on the horizon, the threat of a power outage is at its peak due to pressure on electrical lines and frigid air. Before a storm, it’s important to make sure your generator is properly serviced to keep your facility powered up in case of a widespread outage. Make sure the following checks and repairs are made in order to keep your generator operational.

Check the Oil Levels

If your generator seizes while it is running, the culprit may not be faulty parts of even the environment: if your generator runs long enough, you may be looking at low to empty fuel levels. Check your owner manual and see if the unit has a low-oil shutdown feature. If you’ve been out of power and your generator has been running for several days, your fluid levels are going to be close to empty and other components may be damaged. Keeping an eye on the levels will allow you to know when to call someone for emergency maintenance.

Clear Any Openings

Maintaining your generator’s airflow is critical to its functionality. When the power goes out, the normal regulation that keeps your filters clean will not be able to work correctly. If leaves or snow block openings in your generator, air may not be able to flow naturally through each component, causing malfunctions. Clogs may also begin to form and enter chambers containing fluid, contaminating the gasoline or oil and preventing them from working. Perform several checks throughout the storm to make sure the airways stay clear of debris.

Schedule a Maintenance Visit

Prior to any major storm, you should schedule a maintenance call with your provider. A licensed technician will be able to check fluid levels, components and filters to make sure everything is in working order before making any necessary repairs. After the inspection and repairs have been completed, the technician will be able to provide a list going over services that will need to be completed or recommended for the next service, including fluid changes and repairs.

Preventative Generator Maintenance & Generator Rentals in Massachusetts, Connecticut & New York

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