Why Choose HiPower Generators for Your Business

As we enter the cold winter months, the number of extreme winter events increases and with a problematic power grid in the United States, having a backup generator for your business will ensure you don’t lose money, product, or leave your employees in the freezing cold when a power outage occurs. 

HiPower backup generators offer businesses standby power solutions that are reliable, quiet, and high-quality. 

Innovation and Quality

When a power outage happens, no matter how long the interruption is, businesses, operations, and people are affected. 

HiPower offers state-of-the-art, ultra-powerful diesel generators that are ideal for commercial and industrial facilities. Utilizing enhanced programs and processes, sound-attenuated enclosures to dampen vibration and protect equipment, and comprehensive training, the standby power solutions ensure longevity and ROI. 

HiPower Standby Power Solutions

HiPower offers two different types of generators for your standby and backup needs.

Backup/Standby Diesel Generators

With several different diesel generators available for business purchases, HiPower Systems offers diesel generators that are liquid-cooled making them preferred when quiet operation is required. The liquid cooled diesel generators also offer a more evenly controlled temperature, cost less to maintain, and are more rugged and reliable in harsh conditions.

Depending on the size of the diesel generator you select from HiPower, it can run up to three times as long as natural gas generators before requiring regular maintenance services.

If you are within the agriculture, construction, forestry, hospital, marine, mining, telecommunications, or underground applications industries, diesel standby/backup generators are a great option. They can also be outfitted to burn natural gas as well. 

Standby/Backup Natural Gas Generators

Organizations tend to opt for natural gas generators when environmental regulations and fuel-source reliability are of concern. Natural gas is also less expensive than diesel, although seeing this cost differential can take time. 

With natural gas lines lying underground, natural gas generators have a more reliable fuel source, especially when there are above-ground disasters, extreme weather, and the like. This continuous, reliable source of fuel also eliminates the need for fuel storage and fuel delivery. 

Natura gas generators can also be connected with the utility grid through an automatic transfer switch, which allows them to turn on and off automatically when power is disrupted and restored.

With HiPower backup generator solutions, you can avoid the inconvenience a power interruption can bring to your business and operations.

Hipower Systems´ Portable Generators

Powerful, Reliable, Dependable and versatile on-site Energy Systems ranging from 25 to 680 KVA covering the most demanding applications of the rental, construction, mining, oil/gas and entertainment industries. Our world renowned acoustic enclosures designed to minimize sound levels as low as 63dB(A) while ensuring the industries best Air to Boil ratings and avoiding water intrusion

HiPower Generator Sales & Maintenance in Massachusetts

Weld Power Generator is proud to be the sole HiPower Generator dealer in the state of Massachusetts, working with clients across New England into New York and New Jersey to meet your company’s needs. To learn more about our HiPower backup generator solutions and to find the best fit for your business, contact Weld Power today at 1.800.288.6016.

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