Keeping Up with Generator Maintenance

Weather is unpredictable, and storms are easily miscalculated. A snow storm that is supposed to leave a few inches of snow can end up leaving over a foot, or just appear as a dusting. The volatility of meteorology adds to the importance of making sure your facility is prepared for a potential weather-related outage and keeping your backup generator fully serviced.

Preparing for a Storm & The Aftermath

Time is of the essence when preparing for a potential emergency. As soon as an impending storm is announced, you should contact your generator maintenance company and schedule an inspection and replenish your fluid levels. On a full tank of gas, your generator can be able to last between three and five days. With 48 hours to go before the storm, your fluids should be tested and topped off in case you lose gas capabilities. Government officials may be able to use city-owned and operated gas pumps in order to keep emergency service vehicles operational, but privately-owned facilities relying on commercial gas stations may find themselves without a fuel source in an outage. In addition to checking and topping off your fuel levels and checking additional fluids to keep your generator running, a technician will be able to run diagnostic tests to follow up on previously noted areas of concern and perform emergency repairs while the power is still on and the weather is agreeable.

The day before a storm, your facility manager should run your generator for a minimum of 30 minutes to confirm that there are no outlying issues. If you are operating an emergency response facility, the 24 hours before a weather emergency is critical to making final calls and planning for possible scenarios. During extended outages, members of the community may run out of oil to heat their homes. Fuel transportation may be delayed due to poor driving conditions. If your facility will continue to function during an outage as a shelter for community members without power, you will need to monitor the generator to ensure that it will be able to maintain operational continuity. If the roads are too bad for extended travel, people may come to your facility to work remotely or charge electronic devices. Depending on how long power is out throughout the town, your facility may be acting as a temporary shelter for several weeks, even after the power to your building is restored.

Generator Inspections & Maintenance in Boston & New York

If you are in need of generator maintenance, contact Weld Power Generator today! With offices in Boston and Millbury, MA and The Bronx, NY, we are proud to be able to service generators across New England, New York, and New Jersey. If your generator malfunctions or you require an emergency rental, we will be able to come to your facility to repair your existing generator or install a rental. Weld Generator can be reached by calling 800.288.6016 or by filling out our online contact form.

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