Why Should I Schedule ATS Maintenance?

Your generator’s automatic transfer switch is critical to the unit’s functionality. With quality planned ATS Maintenance, you will be able to switch between your primary power source and the generator for years without issue. As a cost-saving measure, some companies may put generator maintenance on the back-burner, thinking that problems may not arise if the unit itself is not in use.

What Happens During an ATS Maintenance Visit?

During a maintenance visit, a licensed technician will take several steps to make sure each component of your generator and automatic transfer switch are operating as intended. Prior to beginning your visit, your technician should take note of any notices, software updates or recalls distributed by the manufacturer of the ATS in order to determine the type of equipment needed for the visit.

Generator Inspection

The technician will begin the inspection by checking the exterior appearance of the ATS, checking for damage from overuse, heat, or water, which can exhibit signs of internal problems, and determine the next step of the inspection. Your ATS will be turned to standby mode to de-energize the unit, making it safe to inspect the interior components for proper physical and electrical connection as well as natural wear-and-tear or serious damage. Settings are checked to make sure they are correct for the wattage and timing functions of the switch. If the settings have been changed, that information will be considered normal operation going forward.


After inspecting for damage, your technician will take several measurements of the unit’s electrical output. The voltage will be measured and noted at each connection point, as well as contact resistance. These will be compared against the measurements taken before the inspection began.

ATS Maintenance Service

After checking each part of the ATS and cleaning to prevent buildup, your technician will perform service to restore your unit to full working order, including adjusting contacts, adding lubricant, and replacing old or eroding parts that no longer function, as well as they, should. Prior to restoring power to the machine, your technician will manually check the ATS for functionality.

Records. Your technician will take notes of all services rendered, including which components were repaired and which may require repair during the next service visit. The voltage before and after the inspection and repairs will also be noted for your records. These will be important if an issue does occur with your automatic transfer switch: the technician will need to look and see what work had previously been performed in order to figure out what may be causing the problem.

How Often Should I Have My Automatic Transfer Switch Serviced?

The frequency of your ATS maintenance visits depends on several factors, including the environment of its location. For example, if there is a constant high moisture level in the air, the ATS may begin to exhibit signs of water damage quickly. If you live in a location with intense, dry summers, the ATS may be damaged from the heat.

Automatic Transfer Switch Maintenance & Service in Boston, Springfield, Providence & New York

Keeping your generator and automatic transfer switch properly maintained will prevent outages and expensive repairs down the line. Contact us to schedule a visit today. Weld Power can be reached by calling 1.800.288.6016 or by filling out our online contact form.

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