What Happens During a Generator Maintenance Visit & Inspection

Even though your business may rarely use its generator, it is not something that you want to discover is broken when you do need it. That is why it is essential to perform preventative maintenance on your generator and have it inspected regularly.

You’ll want to schedule major maintenance with a certified technician at least twice per year and schedule preventative visits between uses to make sure each component of your generator is fully functional.

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Preventative Maintenance

You’ll want to perform weekly and monthly maintenance on your own generator. These steps are simple and will ensure your system continues to run efficiently.

Weekly Maintenance

Each week, you should run the generator. There is typically a no-load, automatic transfer switch exercise cycle that will allow you to test it without using too much fuel. You’ll also want to check the fuel levels and make sure there are no other fluid leaks. Lastly, you’ll want to check the settings for your generator – make sure it is in “auto” mode, so it will start up automatically if needed. Then make sure the circuit breaker is closed.

Monthly Maintenance

Each month, you’ll want to check the engine coolant level, the oil level, and that the battery charger is operating effectively. These steps do not take long, so they could also be incorporated into a weekly check if you are concerned about forgetting. 

Scheduled Maintenance with a Certified Technician

In addition to the preventative maintenance, you’ll want to make sure to have scheduled maintenance with a certified technician. 

Bi-Annual Maintenance Inspection

During the bi-annual maintenance check, your technician should inspect the enclosure, check the battery connections, inspect the belts and coolant heater, check for oil leaks, check for fuel leaks, clean the air filter, inspect the AC wiring, inspect the DC electrical system, and inspect the exhaust system. 

Annual Maintenance Inspection

During one visit each year, your certified technician should change the oil, replace the oil filter, fuel filter, and air filter. He should also change the spark plugs, check the coolant concentration, flush the cooling system, and remove water from the fuel tank.

By performing your own maintenance checks as well as scheduling regular inspections with a certified technician, you should be able to keep your generator ready to go in case of an emergency. It is much cheaper to pay for the maintenance than it is to repair an unmaintained generator, especially since you’ll likely only find out that it was not operating correctly after your business needed to use it. 

Generator Maintenance for Commerical Clients in New England, New York & New Jersey

If your business does need help during power outages or a weather emergency, Weld Power Generator can help your company if you are located in the New England, New York, and New Jersey area. For information on preventative or emergency maintenance or generator rentals, Weld Power can be reached by calling 1.800.288.6016 or by filling out our online contact form.

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