Top 5 Generator Repairs

When it comes to generator repairs all are important and necessary to ensure the proper working condition of your unit. But not all repairs are equal. The difference is in the urgency of the repair. For example, reactive maintenance is an urgent repair that needs to be done immediately when there is an unexpected equipment breakdown.

While corrective maintenance is a milder repair found through a controlled environment by a diagnosis detected through either our preventative or predictive maintenance. With a corrective maintenance, you protect your equipment’s and systems from any unexpected breakdowns and failures that could lead to a reactive maintenance or worse a power outage with an unresponsive power generator.

While planned maintenance is always important, sometimes things can go wrong when you least expect it- like when a major snow storm is scheduled to hit. In the event of a weather-related disaster, you want to ensure your backup power generator is in working condition, which may require repairs.

Some of the top generator repairs prior to a major snow storm (and potential power outage) usually include the ones that can potentially affect the starting and operation of the generator. These repairs include:

  • Batteries
  • Block heaters
  • Radiator cleaning
  • Coolant Flushes
  • Fuel Polishing

Our technicians are EGSA certified, factory trained and authorized to work on all makes and models for any of your industrial and commercial generators, transfer switches and fire pump engines.

We understand the importance of quickly bringing your backup power equipment into proper operating condition to avoid power outages (especially when there is a storm on the way!). That is why we always review what your options are based on your needs and create the most economical solutions for your business!

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