How Often Should the Fluids in my Generator be Changed?

Your commercial generator is not something you want to discover an issue with when you need it. Maintaining your generator’s fluids is one of the easiest ways to ensure it runs reliably. This article runs through important times to check (and change) your commercial generator’s fluids for optimal performance. 


It may seem obvious, but sometimes checking oil at installation gets overlooked. Many commercial generators ship without oil, so you will definitely need to add some when it arrives. If you’ve purchased a used generator, it may still be worth checking, as the previous owner may not have filled the oil before sending it to you.

During the Break-in Process

Once installed, you’ll run your generator to break it in. The first oil change will likely need to occur at some point during or after this process. Check your owner’s manual for the specific number of hours before your first oil change. Keep in mind that this first oil change will happen much sooner than other oil changes.

On a Regular Schedule

After installation, your commercial generator’s oil will need checked and changed on a regular schedule. Check your owner’s manual to determine approximately how often that will be. Take into account things like the weather, and the atmosphere your generator will be running in. If your generator will be running in a dusty job site, this will make the oil dirtier and it will need to be changed more often, for example. 

After Heavy Use

After a power outage that has required heavy use of your generator, you will definitely want to change the oil. This will ensure that your generator is ready to go the next time that you need it. 

When Your Generator Malfunctions

Most newer generators will automatically shut off if the oil level is low in order to protect the engine. If your generator is malfunctioning, check the oil first. Top it off if necessary, or change it if it seems dirty, before conducting further tests. A simple oil change may be all your generator needs!

Generator Maintenance & Rentals in Massachusetts & Rhode Island

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