Generator Maintenance for New England Hurricane Season

Hurricane season begins on June 1st and runs through the end of November, during which New England and the Mid-Atlantic regions may experience severe winds, rains and flooding. With thirteen named hurricanes anticipated for the season, it is critical to make sure your facility is prepared for potential power grid failures and to protect data, especially if your business is operational during emergencies. Make sure your employees and building are prepared by following these tips!

Create a Contingency Plan

Emergencies can occur at any time, day or night. If your town or city loses power, having a contingency plan in place is critical to maintaining operations and preventing data loss. Your contingency plan should include a phone chain and a list of duties for each employee. The sooner the plan is put into effect, the less data and profit loss you are likely to experience during the storm. A member of your team will need to be put in charge of checking to make sure your generator switches on at the onset of the outage and that it stays operational for the duration of the storm. This individual should have the contact information of your generator maintenance company and be ready to contact them if something goes wrong. This individual should also make sure there is a clear pathway to the generator so a technician will be able to access the unit if needed.

Schedule Maintenance

The news reports will most likely have an idea of the severity of a storm within a week of it hitting your region. Once you have an idea of the impact it will have on your city, you should contact your generator service to schedule a preventative maintenance visit. This will ensure that all parts of your generator are completely functional, checking and replenishing fluid levels and mechanical gears and making any necessary repairs. By keeping your generator on a routine maintenance schedule, your facility manager will be able to know what parts of the unit will require repairs and when based on inspection findings. If a storm is approaching, or back-to-back storms are in the forecast, scheduling maintenance ahead of time will make sure your generator is in full working order and allow you time to prepare other aspects of your facility, such as supplies and staffing, in the days leading up to the event.

Rent a Generator

If you are anticipating a hard hit by a storm and are planning to be without power for a few hours up to several days, renting a generator from a servicing company will keep your facility on the grid until power is restored. This will allow you to keep computers and other machinery running as well as allow you to remain open and act as a shelter for local residents, providing a place for warm food, water and charging stations for phones and portable electronics. Generator rentals from Weld Power can be installed at your facility within four hours of your initial request while units are still available. If your facility is not equipped with a generator, you should make sure to rent one a few days ahead of time in order to secure a unit.

Preventative & Emergency Generator Maintenance & Rentals in Massachusetts, Connecticut & New York

If you are in need of generator maintenance or rental, contact Weld Power Generator today. We service clients throughout New England, New York and New Jersey and will work with you to develop a plan designed specifically to fit your needs. Weld Power can be reached by calling 1.800.288.6016 or by filling out our online contact form.

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